Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to include downloaded music files in O2Jam Emulator English

Ok here's the steps on how to include your downloaded music files in O2Jam Emulator. :)

1. Download the O2Jam Emulator English Version HERE.

2. Extract the O2china English.rar. you should see a folder containing this files.

3. Put your downloaded O2Jam Song packs inside the Music Folder.

4. Open the EMUListGen.exe.

5. On the drop down menu of EMUListGen.exe, Select the first option. (as seen on the screenshot)

6. Next click the button OJN (S). After you click that button the download songs in the Music folder will appear.

7. Next click the (G) button below the OJN(S) button then a new window will prompt where you will save the file. just select the Image folder in your o2china English folder and click Yes to replace the old EMUList.dat file.

8. Now go back to the o2china English folder and click the O2JamMusicListMaker.exe.

9. Next.

10. Next.

11. After that you can now close the O2JamMusicListMaker.exe.

12. Open O2EmuServer.exe and click Run Game.

13. You can log in with any letters of numbers you type. :)

14. Enjoy Playing! :D


  1. kok gak bisa sih pas di emulistgen.exe

  2. still can not get out of emulistgen.exe

  3. error when open emulistgen.exe, music list not show up after click the OJN button. Can't run o2emu.exe too.

  4. Nothing happen when I done everything,still have no one music!!

  5. try to run as administrator.. thanks! :)