Tuesday, May 22, 2012

O2Mania V. 1.2.0 (Chinese)

Hi, I found an O2Mania update but it is in Chinese language. So I advisably use this if you are already familiar with the O2Mania itself.

DOWNLOAD O2Mania V. 1.2.0 Chinese


Corrected BUG the DJMAX the BGA play several image not displaying properly, the wrong color, etc. to
enhance the compatibility of BMS, corrected speed is not normal when playing high-BPM BMS file, long NOTE There is no sound
2 planted, under the implicit model, and a fully implicit,
correct playback in variable speed case incomplete bug
corrected the program crashes after the configuration SKIN

Addition of a file to open BMS

Optimize the look NOTE more time slows down
music cover image export feature (right-click on the preview image)

The new version of the notice:

Improve the existing judgment to refresh the visualization VOS format music support
to keep the original judgment on the basis of the new unified determine the format (similar to the DJMAX)

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