Tuesday, May 22, 2012

O2Jam Offline [O2Mania English V. 1.0.1]

o2mania is a popular o2jam simulator where you play your favorite o2jam songs without needing an internet connection. you can also test your own o2jam note charts here.

One more good thing about o2mania is that you can practice a specific portion of the song. let's say your having a hard time passing the Identity Part II's end part which is the korean language note part, you can select that portion and practice with it.

DOWNLOAD o2mania English V. 1.0.1

 Instructions for Playing:

1. Download O2Mania English 1.0.1.rar on the link I provided.
2. Download O2Jam Song Packs On my next post. (which I will upload later)
2. Using WinRAR, Extract the files downloaded.
3. Open o2mania Folder.
4. Click o2mania English.exe and wait for it to load.
5. After the loading is done, click Start
6. Then click File and Select Configure Folder.
7. Click the "..." button and find your o2jam Music extracted folder.
8. Click "Ok".
9. Press F8 and click "Refresh" on the lower right side to see your downloaded music files.
10. Select your song.
11. After selecting a song, press F6 for manual playing. If you want Auto playing a song, Press F5.
12. ENJOY! :)